Cleaning the Nordic seas from dolly rope

By Wouter Jan Strietman on 02 August 2018

‘Dolly rope’. Not many people know this name, but some may recognize what it is. All around the North Sea coast, when strolling along the shoreline, chances are that you will notice blue or orange plastic threads sticking out of the sand. These threads may look familiar because they resemble fishing line, but they are actually dolly rope threads.

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De Laatste Testronde Is Begonnen

By Wouter Jan Strietman on 02 December 2016

Gedurende het project hebben we allerlei alternatieve materialen en ontwerpen/vormen getest op hun kansrijkheid als alternatief voor het gangbare pluis. Alle tests zijn uitgevoerd in de zeewatertank in Stellendam (onder gecontroleerde omstandigheden) en in de praktijk op zee (als stap 2 na de tests in de zeewatertank). Belangrijke criteria daarbij waren slijtvastheid, afbreekbaarheid, prijs en handelbaarheid.

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Joined by a thread

By Wouter Jan Strietman on 11 July 2014

‘Dolly rope’, a likeable name for a product that provides us with a quite the challenge. In our search for alternatives we all work together, the fishing industry, material experts, nature organizations, the government and everyone else who cares about the marine environment.

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Dolly Rope; there’s nothing fluffy about it

By Klaas Jelle Koffeman on 11 July 2014

Dolly rope is known as ‘pluis’ in Holland, which literally translates to ‘fluff’. We usually aim at replacing dolly rope before it turns into just that, as fluff doesn’t adequately protect our nets...

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