Joined by a thread

By Wouter Jan Strietman on 11 July 2014

‘Dolly rope’, a likeable name for a product that provides us with a quite the challenge. In our search for alternatives we all work together, the fishing industry, material experts, nature organizations, the government and everyone else who cares about the marine environment. 

Dolly rope is a perfect product for protecting your fishing nets from wear and tear. It’s flexible as well as strong and it’s easy to use. However, a lot of it ends up in the sea, approximately 25.000 kilograms each year. You’re guaranteed to find dolly rope as you take a walk on the beach. We are committed to find a solution to this problem.

VISNED, the Dutch fishermen’s organization, the North Sea Foundation and the Dutch government have expressed their concerns about the dolly rope issue and share a common goal: less marine (plastic) litter. Our enthusiastic project team at Wing is happy to coordinate this search for sustainable alternatives.

Cooperation is key to the success of this project. The partners working on this project are not the most likely partners, as they have different views on other issues surrounding the fishing industry. However, all partners realize that in order to achieve our common goal, a dolly rope free industry and marine environment, we need everybody to cooperate and actively  participate and respect eachother within this project. The willingness to work together and the commitment to work towards a common goal makes this project unique. 

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