In 2014, the Dutch fishermen’s organization VisNed, the North Sea Foundation and Rijkswaterstaat expressed their concerns about the issue of dolly rope. Since then, they have been active in the steering committee of the project. Wageningen Economic Research and Wing have been coordinating the project since the start. During the course of the project material specialists, scientists and others teamed up to develop solutions.  

During the last couple of years, several other organizations, companies and individuals have been actively participating and contributing to the project. Of special note are the fishermen and crews of the GO-48, TH-10 and FD-281, Visserij- Innovatiecentrum Zuidwest, Senbis, Modified Materials, Ymuiden Stores, Peter Koning, Herikon, Thünen Institut and ILVO Vlaanderen.


Throughout the years, project coordination has been funded by: